Email Appending

Reduce expenses by leveraging e-Mail marketing,
to bring traffic to your website, build brand equity
& increase product awareness for those hard to
reach prospects.

The Email Append Process itself is driven by a eDNA,
a proprietary process that is URLcentric, which utilizes
URLs supplied by you to increase append success
rate 30-50%.

This process is CAN-SPAM compliant,producing
Opt-In email addresses following a 6 step process:

1.  Our technology first looks at the structure of
     the prospect's URL (nomenclature)

2.  It then looks at the company name and location

3.  It then looks at the first and last name of the
      contact at that company

4.  It uses algorithms with known patterns to
      determine the most likely email address for
      the record

5.  The email address is tested for deliverability

6.  A permission pass is sent to ask for permission
     to contact that individual via email.
     (based on an 'opt-out' system)

Information Required to Append

In order to append your file, we perform
list hygiene to ensure a clean database.

The following information is required:

– Name (first & last)

– Company Name

– Title.

– URL (if supplied 30-50% greater yield)

4667 Haygood Rd/ STE 503-F
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
877.365.LIST (5478) / 757.460.4810 (FAX)
nina@elsdata OR sales@elsdata

Basic Set Up Fee $750

All prices are per each
successfully appended email

<10K Emails

10,001 – 50K

500K – 1 Million

>1 Million

$0.75 each

$0.65 each

$0.50 each

Call for Price


  • Set-up fee is due at the start of the email
    append process.

  • Once completed you will be advised of the
    of the number of successful appends

  • The remainder of the charges are due
    prior to the release of the completed
    customer file.

  • ELS DATA INC. will accept corporate
    or personal credit card information to
    ensure a safe,easy, and efficient transaction.

  • This process takes ten business days to
    complete and cannot be rushed due to the
    6 step process.

  • Delivery will be via email with successful
    appends attached to each record.

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