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ELS Data Inc. is involved in the collection and aggregation of several types of data including Postal, Email, Telephone, Cookie and Web Server Log data.  This data is gathered by ELS Data Inc. as well as our partners.  ELS Data Inc. may provide your data to third party research companies, vendors, administrative service providers, technology providers, and selected partners for data validation, aggregation, enhancement, verification and suppression purposes, and for research, marketing, advertising, and data aggregation purposes or for any other purpose for which you provide consent. We also may share information with advertisers, publishers and other third parties for marketing and advertising purposes, but such information does not include PII except if you provided it as described above. While ELS Data Inc. strongly encourages its advertising customers, service providers and partners to adopt responsible approaches to online marketing, ELS Data Inc. is not responsible for the information practices of any third party entities referenced in this paragraph, which may use the information we share with them for the same purposes as we use the information, or for their own independent purposes. The collection, use, and disclosure of information by clients and partners are subject to their respective privacy policies, which may differ from this Privacy Policy.