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Nina joined the company in 2002, and she specializes in list acquisition and management as well as overseeing the marketing strategies. Nina has built a solid and trusting foundation of corporate client relationships and is well know and respected in the industry. She eventually became president and continues to be the leader behind the company’s growth and direction.

Susan M.

Susan expertise is in customer acquisition both online and offline. She has a well proven track record of driving dramatic conversion rate and overall campaign performance improvements-often when not thought possible. She has a particularly strong ability to synthesize data and results with creative strategy for the generation of viable new tactics and offers.


Tom is the co-founder of ELS, he is a NYU Graduate, degree in communication and education. Has worked in sales and marketing for the better part of 30 years. Thus discovering the importance of a thoroughly research market. We take great pride in our product. We check and
re-check all data, and certify that you get what you pay for.